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University of Southern Indiana Cricket Club
What's Cricket? (Links Page- Check it out!)

Cricket Basics
GENERAL- Cricket News and Info Sites
AV Library, News, Scores,
Beginners- this site contains much info
CrickInfo.com  THE BEST SOURCE FOR INT'L Cricket
Learn Cricket- tripod site by student @ University of Bombay
Explanation of cricket- from usa cricket
Cricket explained- University of Alabama CC
Cricket Coaching - Video and picture tutorials
Refine your Cricket- A tutorial site on batting, bowling, fielding,wicketkeeping
This below link is interesting- please check it out
NPR "Connections" program- 'Cricket Hits America'
Aired Monday August 21, 2000  Listen to "Cricket Hits America" HERE
"Cricket Memories" audio file from All Things Considered- NPR
For the best news/interview/story/comedy programs that are availiable 24-7 from now till the internet goes kapoot- http://www.npr.org
"War Position in Terms of a Cricket Match"- by Brigadier James Whitehead, Commander of the London Area "Home Guards"    July 26,1940
Hot Shot Cricket- a good example of youth opportunities in the US
US Junior Cricket  http://www.usjuniorcricket.org
Cricket Articles
The Spirit of the Game- from Kansas Cricket Association

Concrete Cricket Pitch- Kansas Cricket Association
Foxfire Field- Check it out!!
FLICX- artificial pitch makers
Club Turf- artificial pitch makers

Shopping for Cricket Gear in the US
Desi Sport-  http://www.desisport.com 
This company is based out of Texas, and they have good prices, are 100% on time, and a pleasure to do business with. All packages are shipped UPS and can be tracked.
SUPER NEWS!!! The USI Library now contains: 
Video- 2003 World Cup India V Pakistan
"Cricket Explained"  by Robert Eastaway
"The Tented Field: The History of Cricket in America"
"Playing Hard Ball"  by ET Smith
"The book of rules: a visual guide to the laws of every commonly played sport and game"
Books at the Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library
Cricket Explained-  Click Here for location and check out status:
Beyond a Boundary- click here for location and check out status:
Cricket: A Social History, 1700-1835-  click here for location and check out status:
Laagan: Once Upon a Time in India- DVD Video  click here for location and check status:
Decieved by Flight: Inspector Morse Series-  VHS at Central Library
Some Recommended CRICKET BOOKS for Online Purchace
CricketVideo.com- All Videos are NTSC format! Based in US Good Selection.... All tapes $20 unless in the video club.Shipping is around $5 per tape, but is the best deal from what overseas carriers are charging.

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