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University of Southern Indiana Cricket Club
Cricket Facts and Funnies

5 Differences Between Cricket and Baseball 
1. Cricketers run in straight lines, not in circles 
2. No baseball fielder would be stupid enough to stand at silly mid off 
3. Baseball games will never stop for afternoon tea
4. Cricketers pants aren't skin tight
5. Cricketers sometimes will wear baseball caps, but baseball players never wear cricket caps
(p. 23 Eastaway) 
5 Animals That Have Disrupted A Cricket Match
1. 1889- A Pig stops play when it runs across the pitch (Worchestershire v Derbyshire) 
2. 1936- A Sparrow stops play when a ball hit it in midflight, and killed it. The Sparrow is currently on display at Lord's Cricket Ground in London. (MCC v Cambridge University)
3. 1957- A Hedgehog stops play when it runs onto the field. The fielding wicketkeeper carries it off the pitch. (Glouchester v Derbyshire)
4. 1957- A Mouse stops play. Its schoolboy owner runs onto the field to retrieve it with his hat. (Kent v Hampshire)
5. 1962- Bees stop play. Players evacuate the pitch and flee to the pavilion. (Oxford University v Worchestershire)
(p.115, Eastaway)
5 Topics Occasionally Discussed By the BCC Radio 3 Cricket Commentary Team
1. The color of the local buses
2. The weather
3. Chocolate cakes, cream cakes, and all other types of sweets
4. Status of one's dry cleaning
5. The cricket match that is taking place
 (p. 87, Eastaway)
5 Other Activities On Lord's Cricket Ground
1. 1802- A French baloonist makes his second ascent in England from Lord's
2. 1844- A tribe of American Indians from Iowa set up camp as part of the fiftieth anniversary celebrations at Lords
3. 1868- A team of Aboriginies give a boomerang throwing demonstration
4. 1874- A team of baseball players from Boston and Philadelphia give a display of their sport
5. Lord's was used as a military camp
( p.18)
Films in Which Cricket Features:
1. The Lady Vanishes(1938)- An Alfred Hitchcock thriller in which two of the characters are obsessed with wanting to know the score of a Test Match
2. A Yank at Oxford (1938)- Robert Taylor and Vivian Leigh star in a film in which cricket is one of the eccentricities the American visitor has to come to terms with
3. The Final Test (1953)- Jack Warner plays a cricketer looking forward to his last Test match
4. The Go-Between(1970)- Farmer Ted is caught by the boy Leo on the boundary
5. Hope and Glory (1987)- Life in the suburbs during World War 2, in which a small boy is taught how to bowl a googly
6. Laagan- Once Upon a Time in India (2001)- A group of rural Indian's fight against an opressive land tax imposed by the British Army, by playing a game of cricket of which they must win. AVAILABLE AT THE EVANSVILLE VANDERBURGH PUBLIC LIBRARY 
7. Wondrous Oblivion (2004)
The above are from Robert Eastaway's "Cricket Eplained" However I've added a few of my own points so American readers will better understand...
Quick Facts about the Sport:
  • Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world and is played in over 130 countries.
  • Cricket was played in the US as early as 1700 in the Cheseapeake Area
  • Cricket was played in a primitive form beginning in 1200 CE
  • The official laws of cricket were first created in 1744, by the Marylebone Cricket Club in London, England
  • Cricket was the forerunner of the game rounders, of which developed townball, of which developed New York Baseball.
  • Cricket is America's first bat and ball sport and was quite popular all across the country during the 19th century
  • Between 1834 and 1914 over 1000 cricket clubs were formed in 46 states
  • 19th century American cricket became primarily a middle/working class sport  
  • 1859- US Cricket Team played the Canada Cricket Team in the FIRST International sporting event
  • Currently, US Cricket is governed by the USA Cricket Association http://www.usaca.org and the USA Junior Cricket Association. http://www.usjrcricket.org
  • Cricket is being used not only in a sporting capacity, but also as a tool for character development in Los Angeles and Miami.
  • The following Newspapers and publications (19th century) carried extensive cricket reports:

Sports Periodicals: Spirit of the Times, the Clipper, Porter's Spirit of the Times, Wilkes Spirit of the Times, New York Sportsman, Ball Players Chronicle (an its successor the National Chronicle), Turf Field and Farm, and the New England Base Ballist 

Newspapers:   New York Times, New York World,  Philadelphia Public Ledger, Chicago Daily Inter Ocean, Boston Globe, Detroit Free Press, St. Paul Pioneer Press, San Francisco Call, and the Omaha World Herald.

Other Publications (mainly during the 1880's and 1890's):  Outing, Sporting Life, Forest and Stream, Ameture Athlete, and the Illistrated Sporting News, American Cricketer, American Cricket Annual which after 1904 became Spalding's Official Cricket Guide