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University of Southern Indiana Cricket Club
Member Information and Downloads

SORRY- but the documents for download are unavailable from the live text site....hope to get them back up soon-
This page is a site map and links to each of the sections at our Live Text.com page. You will find documents of university policies for student organizations, applications, forms, pictures, articles, and reference materials about the sport of cricket. Please check this page often as items will be added and revised. Cheers!

PURPOSE- This is the mainpage of the site  
USICC Executive Board Documents- Contains documents pertaining to the continued sustained development of the club- Scroll down the live text page to access the following:
    USI Student Organization Policies- Downloadable forms include (.pdf):
    • Building Use Policy
    • Campus Posting Policy
    • Fundraising Policy
    • Licence Program Policy
    • News Release and Advertising Policy
    • Revised Campus Solitication Policy
    • Sexual Harassment Policy http://www.usi.edu/StudentOrganizations
    USI Membership Development Documents
  • Organizational Goal Setting
  • Member Development and Recruiting
  • Leadership Transition
  • Running Effective Meetings
  • Resources and Services
  • Preparing a Transition Notebook
  • How to Write Effective Minutes
        USI Event Registration Form- downloadable form for reservations- Turn this document in to:
    Melissa Cochran                 The office is upstairs in the Universtiy Center  (UC)
    Scheduling Services
    Sr. Administrative Assistant
    Student Scheduler
    The individuals in the Scheduling Services Office are very helpful and informative- So don't be shy about asking them questions.
        USI Fall Registration Form- Yearly Renewal Form for student clubs
        USI Cricket Club Constitution and By-Laws- Our Constitution and By-Laws, Preamble to the Laws of Cricket, and a link to all the current Laws of Cricket   http://www.lords.org 

       USI Policies and Procedures: From Student Scheduler- This pamphlet is USI's student policy book- You must know these policies inside and out!!! In attachment form.

    USICC Sport Related Forms 

        New Member Forms- The attached documents are in .rtf format:

    • Informed Consent Form
    • New Member Application

        Bating Scoresheet- a batting scoresheet for download

        Bowling Scoresheet- a bowling scoresheet for download

        Scorekeeper Cards- 2 cards-  all refrence cards in BATTING, BOWLING, and FIELDING section 

        Handouts and Flyers- some of the documents are 300kb. Please give them time to download if you're on a dialup connection.

    • Handout - 2 per sheet
    • USICC Color Flyer  
    • Cricket Basics Handout sheet 1 and 2
    • Quad Handout- 4 per sheet


    Umpire Signals- A picture of common umpire signals

    Umpire Duties and Responsibilities- Lists the current laws for umpire duties

    Penalties and Actions Taken Lising-   In .rtf


        Field Positions- a picture of common field positions

        Cricket Refrence Cards- contains 8 refrence cards

        Bowlers Notes- Diagrams of foot placement of the bowler, and a bowlers line and length 

        Batting- Diagram of Taking Guard


    Courier and Press Article July 23, 2003- an article by Rich Davis of the Evansville Courier and Press, Photos by Rebecca Sell. Two photos are in attachment form at the bottom of the article.


    Cricket at USI: The Sport not the Bug-     an article by Kyle Kirkman, published by the USI Shield student newspaper March 7, 2004.

    Submit your writings, diagrams, pictures, and game information to usicricket@yahoo.com and we'll gladly post it on our site for the benefit of others!