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University of Southern Indiana Cricket Club

Here's some recent news of local, national, and international cricket importance- (questions? contact us  usicricket@yahoo.com )

USA v. Canada May 29-31, 2004   : Lauderhill, Florida
SUPER NEWS!!! The USI Library now contains: 
Video- 2003 World Cup India V Pakistan
"Cricket Explained"  by Robert Eastaway
"The Tented Field: The History of Cricket in America"
"Playing Hard Ball"  by ET Smith
"The book of rules: a visual guide to the laws of every commonly played sport and game"
Of National Cricket Importance- 
THE USA CRICKET TEAM WINS the ICC 6 Nations Challenge!!! 
go to http://www.usaca.org for more info                                             
The United States will possibly be holding World Cup ODI matches in 2007,  Lauderhill Florida. Go to the City of Lauderhill homepage: 
http://www.cricketusabl.com/           Drop them a line and show your support!